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Up to 50% off in the KiwiSMP Store, isn't that CooOoOoL?

That's Right,  The Biggest Sale of The Year is here! Block Friday is here and Also KiwiSMP Deals and Offers! Our Black Friday Sale will keep running till November 27, 2022 ! Sales applies to all packages except, Christmas exclusives

Ranks Discounts

All Ranks now have a massive discount on them 50% !
Kiwi Rank 75.00 USD is now 37.00 USD
Mango Rank 55.00 USD is now 27.50 USD
Grape Rank 35.00 USD is now 17.50 USD
Cherry Rank 22.00 USD is now 11.00 USD
and more!...

Crate Keys & Extras
Our 50% Sale doesn't only apply to Ranks, but also to Almost Everything on our store, you can now purchase anything you want at a very low price! Don't miss out on the offers!

Block Friday Raffle
Any Purchase During Block Friday, The Player who made that purchase will be added to the raffle, After The Block Friday Sale is offered we will spin the wheel with all the player's names, and the winner will be receiving a 100 USD Store Voucher, each purchase you make counts as an entry, even if it happened in a singular cart. meaning for every time you purchase you get an entry point!