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Christmas Update!!

Christmas Update!!

It's that time of the year, the festiveness has come to the KiwiSMP Network and personally, our favorite update of the year! In this update, you can explore the new decorated Christmas spawns, help Santa collect all his presents and spend them in the new Christmas shop! We've also released the Christmas crate and tags on the store.


Our Lobbies has been updated to fit with the Winter Christmasy theme!!


Our Store has been updated with plenty of new items, Christmas Crate and Christmas Limited Edition Suffixes

| THE GRINCH (Starts on Dec 1)

The Grinch has stolen all of Santa's presents and hid them all throughout the Winter Lobby help Santa by finding all of his gifts and you will be rewarded with an exclusive present

| SECRET SANTA!! (Starts on Dec 1)

All KiwiSMP Players will be now able to participate in the secret Santa Christmas event where you get to be on Santa's list and get a random player as your secret Santa you both will be able to give each other gifts and on December 25th all the gifts will be revealed but will still be secret to everyone

| Advent Calendar! (Starts on Dec 1)

There will be an advent calendar that everyone can access and you will be getting a special reward each day till the 25 days of Christmas!


More Quests & More Fun we have added Some Few Quests Around The Globe for you to find and interact with and they have their own rewards that you can use


There will be new upcoming events make sure to check our schedule and the upcoming events are,
Santa & His Helpers Fashion Show where you get to dress as Santa's Little Helpers
Spleef, Yes the good old spleef minigame
Build a Tree an Event where you make a Christmas tree that will be reviewed by our staff team and the best Christmas tree will be rewarded with a $50 Store Voucher

We WIll be adding more in the future throughout the month of December I hope everyone is excited as I am excited,

Coolest Owner to ever exist, Kareem