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Content Creator Program

Content Creator Program

Kiwi SMP is a growing international server with Java and Bedrock crossplay. It features many different kinds of Survival Multiplayers. Inter alia AdvancedSMP a semi-hardcore SMP where you get banned for 30 minutes if you die. An earth replica on the scale of 1:500 with shops, clan wars, King of the Hill, vehicles, and much more. We also feature a 1.17.1 SMP and even a OneBlock SMP. We have a big, international, and friendly community and Staff team willing to assist you. We hold many events and are always working on the next big project. The Content Creator Program was developed to forge links between video artists and the server and to allow Influencers to reach a bigger audience. As a content creator on Kiwi SMP you get many perks but we also have our conditions.


+Influencer role on Discord
+Access to #general a channel to chat with other Content Creators
+ Access to #event-planning a channel for Content Creators to plan events with each other or the Staff team
+Access to #suggestions a channel to send bug reports and suggestions for improvements
+Ability to write in #promotion a channel for Content Creators to announce streams to or share their latest work with the community
+Ability to start events in #Podcast
+ You get the Influencer prefix
+ You get access to /randomnick to randomize your . . skin and name
+ You get prioritized in the queue
+ Yellow Eglow
+ You can rent a market at spawn to trade for items (earth SMPs . and smp1)
+ You get 10000 claim blocks (making a total of 25000) (earth . . . . SMPs and smp1)
+ You can set up to 8 homes + 5 extra team members on OneBlock ideal for big projects + 6 extra lives (AdvancedSMP)


TikTok Requirements:
A Minimum of 50,000 Followers
An Average of 10-50k Views per video
A Minimum of two videos uploaded per week  
YouTube Requirements:
A Minimum of 10,000 Subscribers
An Average of 3,000 to 6,000 Views Per Video
A Minimum of two videos uploaded per week  
Twitch Requirements:
A Minimum of 1,000 Followers
An Average of 40 to 60 Live Viewers
An Average of 3,000 Total Monthly Views
A Minimum of six hours in total per week

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