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EarthSMP Update

EarthSMP Update

The Brand New EarthSMP has Three New Locations

Marketplace Area
National Space Station
Military Base
Marketplace Area
The Marketplace Area Has Over 30+ Markets that are only accessible for first purchase by @Apple - @Kiwi
Markets have different sizes and only the massive markets can be bought by @Kiwi Ranked Players

Players will be able to resell their markets to normal players via in-game economy!

National Space Station
Ever dreamed of traveling to space, maybe mars or Saturn? or just chilling on the moon?
Well, the answer is YES You can now travel in space but make sure you have your space suit ready with you, predicted by @HeroHayden47#0131 maybe?!
Military Base
Clan Wars Loves, oh yes that's what I like to hear, Military base will supply you with gear such as tanks, helicopters, or even armor!

Economy & Marketplace
The economy is now much more different, it's now via /balance and in-game currency instead of the old fashion way of trading items!
You can make money by getting a job or just selling items to the Ores NPC, Prices goes up and down depending on the supply & the demand

Discord Boosters Rewards
Discord Boosters now officially have very amazing rewards to their boost.
Using the command /booster you will be greeted with an amazing GUI where you can claim your weekly booster keys
and 3 Different suffixes [Booster],[Wumpus], And [Bot]. they are very cool I must say that

Ranks & Crates
Voting Crate
Crates have been buffed, starting off with Voting Crates the one we all going to love now! You can now win Ranks, Crate Keys or even cosmetics from the voting crates isn't that cool?
Ranked Crates
All Crates have been balanced to give a fair advantage to everyone and have been filled with amazing cosmetics that you can earn.

Getting a Free Rank
Yes now you can get a rank for completely free on the New EarthSMP, You can get melon rank by having a total of 100 Hours of Playtime, or by voting for a full month you can earn yourself a cherry rank. Also, the Voting crate now has plenty of rank book rewards so away or around it, you are guaranteed to have a rank

Vaults & Reclaims
You are only given 2 Vaults Per Server, not 8 if you managed to fill all 8 I'm very sorry but there is a chance you are only getting two with you.
However, to minimize that issue, we have come up with a plan if the issue became extremely big we will use it if not we will pass with it
Instead of the rewards being directly added to your user now you get them as vouchers, so you can give them to your friends or resell them in-game
All reclaim cooldown will be on reset when the server releases

There is plenty of amazing stuff we added on the Brand New Server, we don't want to spoil too much but I hope everyone enjoys this amazing update I know that everyone will, I love you all, and thanks for being the most amazing players in the world

  • Coolest Owners in town @Salma#8882 & @Kareem#0010