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Easter 2022 Update

Easter 2022 Update

Hop has returned to kiwi once again! with all of his new surprises
Hop & His Bunny Cupcakes, need your help in their quests and will be rewarding
you guys with Easter Eggs that you can use on Hop's Shop to purchase Limited Edition Easter Cosmetics & Keys

The New Easter Crate contains a lot of surprises, including the new pastel E-Glow that switches between aqua and yellow
as well as the new market cosmetics, that allows you to change your Villager Market to an NPC with any skin you want!
we also have three New Suffixes that you can obtain through the crate or from Hop's Shop!

Easter, Bunny, and Cupcakes Animated Suffix!

Hop needs every single one of your help in order to complete easter on the KiwiSMP, make sure to interact with him at spawn
You will be rewarded with 1,000 Easter Eggs each time you finish one of his quests!

Hop's Shop
You can exchange your Easter Eggs at Hop's Shop for in-game items such as suffixes, Easter Key
and a lot more limited edition items!

Yes, you heard that right, there is a 30% discount on all KiwiSMP store packages!
that will last for only 3 Days!

We wish everyone a wonderful Easter and as always, thank every single player who supports KiwiSMP and plays on it
y'all literally mean a lot to me seriously

  • Literally the coolest owner in town