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KiwiSMP Halloween Update

KiwiSMP Halloween Update


Happy Halloween from KiwiSMP, we are happy to announce all the spookified updates!

Halloween Themed Lobby!

Our Server Lobby has been updated to be more spooky and it looks spooktacular!

Fashion Show

Did someone say fashion? Yes We Will be hosting a Halloween Themed Fashion Show on EarthSMP-1 and winners will be rewarded with Store Giftcards and limited edition suffix's

Haunted House Contest

Come on, Do you think Halloween can be just a cool-season without haunted houses? of course not! Players around all SMP's will be contesting in the haunted house event! to make it more organized players, we will be releasing a creative server specifically for that reason,

Halloween Crate & Spooky Crate

New Month, New Crates, The New Crates will feature limited and exclusive items for the season only such as Witch's Purple Eglow, Spooky Tags Cosmetic Trails And pets, those items will be limited and will be only available throughout the month of October so good luck!!

Halloween Quests & Candy!

We Will be adding Halloween Quests, and each time you finish a quest you get Halloween Candy that you can trade with Bloody Mary, and she will give you a Spirit Crate Key!

Squid Game Event!

The moment you have been waiting for! Squid Game Opens Today at October 1, 2021 8:00 PM, all players will participate in 6 different game modes those who win all game modes will be rewarded with gift cards and in-game ranks. players who lose will be eliminated from the game, but they can still participate whenever a new game starts! the Squid Game Event will keep running through the entire month Seriously you think Halloween on KiwiSMP would just be your typical Minecraft boring Server? what the hell do you think we are! we are there is a reason for the .fun our goal is to spread as much entertainment and enjoyment in our game modes to ensure all players are happy and enjoying their time!

- Coolest Owner to ever exist, Kareem