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Creating a Clan (EarthSMP)

Creating a Clan (EarthSMP)

Hello KiwiSMP Players, AKA The Coolest Minecraft players of all time.

This Guide Will be teaching you everything you need to know about creating clans on our EarthSMP Realm.

Clan Creation Requirements

You Need At least 2,500$ in-game balance you can check your balance by doing "/bal" to start creating your clan

Start by doing /clan create

(Clan-Tag is the prefix shown before your name)

After that enter your clan tag in the in-game chat

And Then enter your clan name in the chat to finish the process

et voila, and here is your clan

How do I make my clan show on the map?

Once you have created your clan start by verifying it which costs 2,500$ in-game the command to verify the clan is /clan verify

Then to make your clan appear on our Live Map set a clan home by doing
/clan home set and your clan will appear on the map

How do I make my clan tag colorful?

Making your clan-tag colorful is very simple. firstly you would need a Clan Tag Modifier. you can get a Modifier from the Kiwi Crate or from any seasonal crate.

Start off by doing "/clan modtag [tag]" you can use Hex Colors or Default Minecraft colors when changing your clan tag. keep in mind that you may only modify the colors of the tag and its capitalization of it.