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Getting Started

We are Happy to see you on our Webpage welcome to the KiwiSMP Network, This our guide on how to perfectly play on our servers and know all the commands and experience KiwiSMP to its full potential we can promise you its a lot of fun

Getting Started

Land Claim Guide

This guide will teach you how to Create a Land Claim on The KiwiSMP

Once you create a land claim, it will be impossible for another player who is not added to your claim to break or place blocks, steal your items or kill your animals within your claim. To Claim land, follow these simples steps below:

πŸ‘† Finding Your Desired Land
Find the area you wish to claim, you cannot claim an area that has already been claimed by another player

πŸ‘† Creating a Land Claim
Using the golden shovel you spawn with you, right-click one corner of the land you wish to claim afterward, using the same golden shovel right-click the opposite corner

πŸ‘† Abandoning a Claim
To delete your claim use the /Abandon Claim Command

πŸ‘† Finding Your Claim

If you hadn’t set a home in your Claim you can relocate all your claims by using the command /Claimlist This command also shows the amount of claim blocks a Claim uses and how many claim blocks you have left to use

Shows your claim coordinates 

πŸ‘†Adding Friends to Your Land Claim

To add friends to your claim who can build on your claim use the command /Trust (username)

πŸ‘† Removing Friends From Your Claim
To remove a player from your claim use the command /Untrust (username)

πŸ‘† Adding Friends to Your Chests in Your Claim
To give friends access to your chests in your claim but not access to building use the command /ContainerTrust (username)

πŸ‘† Adding Friends to Your Claim Without Item Access
To give friends permission to access your claim but not your items or chests use the command /AccessTrust (username)

πŸ‘† Seeing Who Is Trusted On Your Claim
To see who you have added to your claim use the command /TrustList
To Claim Land you must have enough claim blocks, if you do not have sufficient amount of claim blocks to claim your desired land size you can always claim a smaller size and expand later on once you gain more claim blocks.

Claim blocks can be attained by playing on the KiwiSMP as you get 100 claim blocks per hour, you may also attain claim blocks by purchasing a Rank in our Store