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KiwiSMP Oneblock

KiwiSMP Oneblock

No way, your kiddingg? No im not Kidding,

yes its happening!

Release of OneBlock

Oneblock has been finally released so is kareem time and schedule,


The New Oneblock will be running on the latest Version of Minecraft 1.19.2 and will be very different from the original oneblock  we previously had. New Shop, new features new island expanding feature and many more!


es same as the markets from earth, we will have a section on the oneblock server Which is called the community markets, there is over 40+ markets to choose from so everyone can have a chance to have their very own startup business, and make loads of money!


Yes thats right, we decided to add duels arena so players can fight it out fair and square and still keep their items without a loss! QUESTSOver 400+ quests have been added to keep you busy, and entertained in your journey with the new oneblock SMP Augest Top Donator

As you all know Each Month we select our biggest supporters and reward them with the @Kiwi+ Rank, as a special thank you from the KiwiSMP Server, The Rank doesn't provide any extra perks Top Donator: @Kruemel2018n | [Kruemel2018n] Congratulations

Thank you everyone for being apart of this amazing community and being the coolest players of all time.your fav Owner @★ Owner Kareem & @Owner Salma  aka the coolest owner duh