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KiwiSMP Survival Update

KiwiSMP Survival Update

Spawn Update!! :kiwismp:

Listening to your feedback, we've chosen not to wipe the entire map. Instead, we've introduced a new spawn point and expanded the border.

Exciting Changes:

  • New Marketplaces with Fresh Designs
  • Added Parkour for Extra Fun
  • Optimized Quests and Expanded Dungeons
  • Improved Lag Experience
  • Introduced New NPC's and Quests
  • Implemented a New Market System for Customization

Market owners from the old setup, please contact us to transfer your items.

Updates will soon apply to SMP2...

Big Thanks to @sqlma for managing our TikTok account and being an invaluable asset to KiwiSMP.

Big Thanks to @hannes1704, @𝐏𝐒𝐠𝐞𝐨𝐧#2484, and @krienoo for their contributions to the new spawn. It's well-loved by everyone.

We're continuously working to enhance the SMP experience for all players. Stay tuned for upcoming updates!

Upcoming Feature: Open PvP Arena
Once you enter, PvP turns off immediately, and keep inventory is enabled to ensure you won't lose your items.