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KiwiSMP Update 3.0

KiwiSMP Update 3.0

🌐 KiwiSMP Update 3.0 🌐

Exciting news! We're thrilled to announce the latest server updates:

  • New Hub
  • Fresh Gamemodes
  • Noteworthy Changes
  • Bug Fixes

New Hub 🌈
A massive shoutout to our incredibly talented Builders Team, led by Sr. Builder @soo1704, and supported by @ttnovacaine, @caiquin, and @kingtanooki. Thanks to their skills, we now have a breathtaking new hub.

The hub features portals for various gamemodes:

  • Creative SMP
  • OneBlock SkyBlock
  • EarthSMP & EarthSMP2
  • SurvivalSMP
  • AdvancedSMP
    (Detailed coverage on new gamemodes in a separate post)

Explore renowned global builds within the hub, indulge in parkour, and discover the exclusive super-secret club for the cool kids. Additionally, we're introducing some stylish cosmetics for our Ranked Playersβ€”note that these only offer visual enhancements without any gameplay advantage.

Join us as the Hub is unveiled and open for everyone in just 40 minutes at 6 EST. We'll be available to answer all your questions. Thanks for being a part of the KiwiSMP Network! πŸš€