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Yes you read that right, you also heard that right Life steal is officially released and here is everything you need to know about it! GAMEPLAY

As we all know lifesteal simple rules, you get a kill you gain a heart you get killed you lose one! simple as that but we have a few twists that make our server a lot more fun and enjoyable


You can prestige and expand your heart capacity the default heart capacity is 20 Hearts, but when you prestige You unlock an extra slot so you can go from 20 hearts to 21 hearts by prestige however prestige costs 5,000 in-game, and the price increases each time you progress, you also need to have all 20 hearts. GUILDS Guilds are like clans but very different in a lot of things which makes the gameplay a lot more fun You can view more by doing /guildsTHE END

The end is unlike any end you've seen before really, the end on here is a LITERAL Warzone, I wouldn't want to spoil anything but you can /warp end to find out more about it!


Most events will take place at the End, such as KoTH, Guilds Wars, and anymore upcoming exciting events Official Release at May 7, 2022, 7:20 PM

Thank you everyone for being a part of this fantastic community and being the coolest players of all time. your fav Owner aka the coolest one of all