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Markets & ShopKeepers Guide

This is our KiwiSMP Full Guide on how to start making your very own market and set up your shopkeeper with it!

Markets & ShopKeepers Guide

Shopkeeper and Market Guide
This guide will teach you how to set up your Shopkeeper and Market on The KiwiSMP

🡆 Claiming a Marketplace

In order to claim a Marketplace you must right click the sign in front of the Marketplace, make sure that it says “For Sale” ensuring that it is not already claimed by another player.

🡆 Setting Your Shopkeeper Type

You have 4 options to pick from:
Selling Shop - (Sells items to players for emeralds)
Trading Shop - (Sells items to players with your choice of any items)
Buying Shop - (Put what you are asking for and fill your chest with what you shall pay with)
Book Shop - (Sell copies of written books)

To select one of these Shop types, put the Shopkeeper egg in your hand and right click the air until you have selected your desired shop type

🡆 Placing Your Shopkeeper
Place down and right click the chest with the Shopkeeper egg afterwards, right click a block to place the Shopkeeper on

🡆 Changing your Shopkeeper Mob

You can change your Shopkeeper into the following mobs below:
Villager - (Customizable you can select the job, colors and theme in the editor options)

Wandering Trader


To do so, Shift-Right click your Shopkeeper and click the editor options

🡆 Naming Your Shop
To give your shop a name, Shift-right clicks the Shopkeeper and click on the nametag afterwards, type the name you’d like to set for your shop in chat. You can also customize other settings within the Editor Options on the bottom row.

🡆 Adding your items
To add the items you want to sell Shift-right click your Shopkeeper and place the items you wish to sell on the top row. To add the payment items Shift-right click your Shopkeeper and place the items on the third row.