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Markets Guide (Economy Markets)

Markets Guide (Economy Markets)

This is our KiwiSMP Full Guide on how to start making your very own market and set up your shopkeeper with it!

Villager Markets

Villager Markets are the new generation of Player self shops on the KiwiSMP Earth Server and they are very simple to use.

Start off by placing your Villager market and you will be greeted with this interface

Editing Shop interface

Each Item has its own properties and has a small guide on it for a better understanding

Selling items

Start By Clicking on the "Edit shopfront"

Then you will be greeted with an empty-looking inventory, place the items you wish to sell there

Enter the number of items you wish to sell 1-64

after doing so enter the price for it

Taa-daa that's pretty much it, make sure to fill your stock with the item so players are able to purchase it

You can also collect your hard-earned money by clicking on  Collect Money