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OneBlock 2.0 Update

OneBlock 2.0 Has Been Release Read More About The Update!

OneBlock 2.0 Update

We Are Happy to announce the new Update of OneBlock
it will feature so many key features and enchant your gameplay even more
More Updates, More Fun!

Lobby Revamp ❤️
We decided to switch up to a better and bigger lobby That will now have so many NPC's to interact with as well as hidden rewards Duels We Finally Added Duels to Oneblock so now you can duel your players there is no competitive scene behind that it's just for fun!

Shop & Economy! 🛍️
We Have Added Economy and /shop You can purchase spawners, blocks, ores, and even abilities such as /fly
We Added 400+ Extra Quests to keep you busy with fun each quest will have different rewards such as money XP and a lot more!

Mythic Shrooms! 🍄
Did someone say Shrooms...?
Those are hidden mushroom heads around spawn and each time you find one you will be Rewarded with money once you get all of them you receive 50,000$ In-game currency

Extra Enchantments 📚
We have added new enchantments that can be obtained through Villager Tradings, Enchantment Tables, and from Players Enchants
Daily Rewards & Auction House
Those are still experimental and will be added soon make sure to check #🍈change-log That was it for today's update hopefully we did improve a lot and managed to make your gameplay a lot more enjoyable

KiwiSMP Management Team & the coolest owner to ever exist