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Squid Game Halloween Event

Squid Game Halloween Event

Hello Everyone we are happy to announce Squid Game Coming to KiwiSMP.

After Watching the show personally and seeing how much our players love it we decided to start working and adding it to our servers to spread more joy and fun.

The Server can hold up to 456 players if you get the reference and anyone can literally play.

Make sure to always follow the staff rules AKA The Players with the red suits otherwise you will be eliminated and won't be able to participate until a new game starts.

Specials Thanks to Omar For Designing the Skins


Outfit Template - Click to Download
Seong Gi [456] - Click to Change Skin
SaeByeok [067]
Abdul Ali [199]

All Players will participate in 6 different games players who made it through the games will receive a handsome cash prize. players who lose any of the games will be fully eliminated from the event. Good luck to you all