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THE SUMMER OF 2022 πŸ–οΈ

THE SUMMER OF 2022 πŸ–οΈ

We are already in June?!, WHAT?!!!
Yes, can you believe it we are already in June when the sun is shiny and we are at the beaches baby! RANKS DISCOUNTS & SUMMER DISCOUNT


We Have Updated the prices of our Ranks to make them affordable for everyone, We have significantly reduced the prices by 40% ➜ There is now a 20% Discount on all Summer Items in our Amazing Store SUMMER COSMETICS

Is it just me or is it hot in here?➜ Our New Summer Crate Contains tons of amazing cosmetics, Start off with the Summer Set, a colorful sun gradient armor that is very smooth, and very cool ➜ The Summer Glow ➜ Summer Sand Trails Summer BundlesYou can now purchase the Summer Key alone, or in a bundle and earn free rewards Such as Mango keys & Tropical Suffix Summer SetYou Can Now Purchase The Full Summer Set From The Store UNICORN HAT?

Yes, that's correct, we thought unicorns aren't real but guess what you can be a unicorn now.


Yessir, that's indeed correct we will be hosting frequent events this summer to make everyone's summer the best summer of all time May Top Donator


As you all know Each Month we select our biggest supporters and reward them with the @Kiwi+ Rank, as a special thank you from the KiwiSMP Server, The Rank doesn't provide any extra perks Top Donator: @7cz | [Fallen_o], Congratulations

Thank you everyone for being apart of this amazing community and being the coolest players of all time. your fav Owner @β˜… Owner Kareem Β aka the coolest owner duh (edited)